Disable mouse/keyboard interaction with menu


is there any way how to switch the inputlistener off just for a single menucomponent, eg. a container or a window?

so for example i would like to create a single Window containing several buttons etc. Now, when i click one of the buttons, a popup is shown, displaying some message. while the popup is open, the user should not be able to click the buttons of the former window. when the popup is closed, the buttons should work again.

and i dont just want to disable the buttons. cause you could still hover them and you could still edit the texteditors.

thanks in advance,


maybe i should have added, that this is referring to FengGUI.

but it seems like unfortunately nobody is able to help me anyway.

Better ask FengGUI related things on the Fenggui forum.  There are not many here who use FengGUI.

i did, but i received no answer as well.