Disabling keyboard commands from nifty

I am having a conflict between the keyboard keys that control nifty and jme. Keys such as the TAB key and the keyboard arrows. I have buttons in my nifty GUI that I can control using my mouse. Is there any quick way to disable the keyboard effect on nifty without having to fork it?

Anyone :/?

I don’t really understand the question. Nifty only “eats” keyboard events if it processes them, which only happens if you are typing into a text field or using tab to move between controls. I use the arrow keys in my game (which has a nifty gui) all the time.

Do you really need the tab key?

Not just the tab mainly the keyboard arrows I need those and nifty uses them do switch focus between buttons (almost similar to tab)

no one is having this issue??

This worked for me:

And for Mouse events: