Disabling the video config on start

Thats the question, how can i disable the JME Start screen?
This is it!!

in your main method, before you do app.start ();


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The thing is you probably don’t want to. You have to set compatible screen settings, else your app will fail on almost all systems but your own.

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But can I grab those necessary information from the system?
Like the screen size, the graphics card capabilities?
Can I use this code during the SimpleInitApp() to grab all those information?
[java]Collection caps = renderer.getCaps();
Logger.getLogger(HelloWorld.class.getName()).log(Level.INFO, “Caps: {0}”, caps.toString());[/java]

Take a look at the source for SettingsPanel in the jME3 project.

You will need to duplicate some or all of that functionality yourself.