Display .blend inside interface java



Is it possible to embed .blend in JFrame?

No. For you it isn’t possible. It would take several hours of learning and coding so, no, it’s not possible for you.

We’re not going to write it for you. It’s too much work to do for free.

I achieve my goal:

But i look for a function for manipulate and rotate my object3D, and also how to make a picture in the background, and even how to remove the scare in the low left ?

https://jmonkeyengine.github.io/wiki :kissing:

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You have to write code for this. And I don’t know what the “scare in the low left” means.

If you want to skip the tutorials then I’m sure some people would be happy to quote you contractor rates to do the work for you.

I want to remove What I turned in red in the picture:

In memories.



That is presumably the stats screen. You just need to disable it.

how can i do it in the code?

in your simpleInitApp() add setDisplayStatView(false);



press F5 in app.

thank you very much

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If only we had a place to note all these things… we could direct people willing to learn to it, and they would just have to read it to find answers to their thousand basic questions…
Too bad we don’t have that…