Display classNotFound exception

I cannot get anything running on jme, game-wise.

tone said:

The JNLP examples lock up my system and require hardware reset or task manager killage

I'd say get those working first. Check that your graphics drivers are really up to date (maybe even post version found in Control Panel). And possibly update your Java version.

As for lwjgl version. The one coming with jME is fine (which is 0.98). If the application does not find the Display class it means that lwjgl.jar is not in the classpath at all - check for typos in the path (maybe a missing / additional ../ etc.)

Regarding the command line: I think -Djava.library.path has its parameters separated by semicolons on Windows (not commas).

Well, it's not a hardware problem as I'm running a 6600GT on Windows XP as well without any trouble.  There must be some configuration issue on your machine causing this.  I agree with Irrisor, you need to be able to get the WebStart demos to work before you go any further.

You might go to Java.com and update the JRE to 1.5 and verify that your drivers are in fact up-to-date.

Good luck,