Display multiple objects of one camera


i’m basing my program in “TestCameraMan” but i’m trying to display two objects at the same time in the screan, and the problem is that i only can do it with one at the time

i’ve tried to create a new tRenderer and an other fakeTex for the second object but i doesn’t works

could you help me please??

propably find their middle point (use vector3f.interpolate( 0.5) ), and then zoom out the camera a lot so everything is visible

mmm ok, thanks, i’ll try it …

but what i’ve seen is that in the function simpleRender (i dont know exactly how it works) but i know it takes just the last element send to the render and it is the object that shows in the monitor screen, i dont know how to make it show the two objects at the same time:

protected void simpleRender() {

lastRend += tpf;

if (lastRend > throttle ) {

tRenderer.render(nod, fakeTex); //nod is an avatar smaller than the one of TestCameraMan

tRenderer.render(esfera6, fakeTex2); //esfera6 is a little Sphere

lastRend = 0;



any idea why?? or how can i do it??

i dont understand why do you override simpleRender(); method.

Why not just use lookAt, setPosition etc, on cam ?

i’ve set the position to where i know i can see both objects

but i only can show one of the two objects (commenting the other in the simpleRender() function)

so i think it’s something about the texture or the camara that i cant do it with both of them

i haven’t seen any tutorial that uses simpleRender() method. Maybe its forbidden ?

I only know simpleUpdate() that you can override.

thanks a lot tralala :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe it is jaja

well for what i see its almost like simpleRender(), should i add the second render there and use both, simpleRender and simpleUpdate??

sorry but i still have doubts

i’ve found: https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/legacy/doku.php/jme2:simplegame?s[]=simpleupdate

update(float)/simpleUpdate() - Update is called with a float value indicating the time since the last frame.

protected void simpleUpdate() {

if (tpf < 1) {

angle = angle + (tpf * 1);

if (angle > 360) {

angle = 0;



rotQuat.fromAngleAxis(angle, axis);



is it what you was saying??

jaja after all it wasnt so difficult :stuck_out_tongue: ups

i just attached both objects to the same node and rendered it in simpleRender

thanks a lot