Display Recreation

I close a display with display.getRenderer().flush()  &&  Display.close() , and start a new display (New app), and all the texture become very enlarged/strange, and the abosolute mouse doesnt show up. I cleared all the buffers and inputs before closing the first display. Is their something I forgot to do after I started the new app or before Ir closed the old one? I do reload the textures. I think its something wront with the second display or renderer.

Do u call cleanup?

I had a similar problem and I solved calling:


Maybe u already tried…good luck :slight_smile:

Luv you man… Luv you… Thanks :slight_smile:

But my Absolute Mouse isnt working? Anyone know why?

From another topic:

InputSystem.getMouseInput().setCursorVisible( true );

I hope it's what u need! :smiley:

Sadly, that just shows the mouse. I need an absolute mouse, which is for custom mice. In the first display it works, but when I recreate it doesnt. I think it might be a cleanup problem again , maybe.