Display required for Geometry creation?

I have written a simulator for my grad research that uses jME.  I don't always need a display, but I do need to use the spatial objects from jME.  Unfortunately, it seems that to create a spatial, I need to create a display.  If I don't, Geometry's reconstruct method fails with a NullPointerException.  For example, this code fails:

    public static void main( String[] args )
        // Create a sphere
        Sphere sphere = new Sphere( "test", 4, 4, 1.0f );
        System.out.println( "Sphere: " + sphere );

Is there a specific reason for the display to be required to just create the object?

I can use the HeadlessApp, but LWJGL still requires access to the X windowing system, so I can't run things over SSH.  Ideally I would like to just create the spatial objects and use the collision testing, but never render them.  Any ideas?


can the rootnode from DummyDisplaySystem shared with another DisplaySystem at the same time?


Thank you.  That is exactly what I was looking for.

I'm here to help…and to make jokes, but that's more for my benefit than yours. 

darkfrog said:

Don't know if this was supposed to mean "yes, a Display is needed".

A test i did yesterday (for my own purposes) showed that you do NOT need a DisplaySystem in order to create Geometry.

All i did was to define some jME Boxes in a simple java console application.
The application could then determine correctely wether the two boxes intersected or not.
This means they must exist correctely (apart from not getting any error).

I thought a Display was required to create a Node?

It shouldn't these days.