Displaying Images as Slide show

Hi All,

Iam developing a Game using the jME, and my requirement is - I need to give some information about the game before the game starts, so i decided to give those information by dispalying images/textures as slide show, iam not able to figure out which jME API's to use to achieve this task.

Can anyone help me out in this issue?? is there any other way to achieve this task(by using core java API's) ??



maybe something like

Quad q = new Quad("slideshow", 100.0f, 100.0f); //name the quad, and give it a width and height
Texture texture1 = TextureManager.loadTexture (new File("images\texture1.gif"), Texture.MM_LINEAR_LINEAR, Texture.FM_LINEAR );//Get the texture from your file system, apply filtering to your liking

TextureState ts = Display.getRenderer().createTextureState();// A Texturestate  is what binds your texture to your SceneElement (in this case, a quad.)
ts.setEnabled(true); //Enable this bad boy (for some reason its off by default)
ts.setTexture(texture1); //Tell the texture state which texture to use. You can add more than 1 texture to your texture state to allow for multitexturing, probably out of your scope, but good to know

q.setRenderState(ts); //This sets the texturestate of your quad to the texturestate that we just made. Note: your quad can have multitude of renderstates, but only 1 of each type. That is why this method is called setRenderState even though it might look like we're adding a state on.

Simply put a Quad with such a texture in the ortho queue. Then remove it and add another Quad with the next texture. To avoid compression artifacts switch to no_s3tc.

Wait …wait…wait…

Can u plz put more light on this…tell me the steps…

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