Distribution of Game – Sound doesn’t work if clicking game icon, but does from commandline

I’m at the stage now, where my game is virtually done, and now trying to get the “distribution” copy working, this is the first time i’ve done this. It’s now working good :), except some issues with the sound. I also get the same results when running the jme test examples:

If I open the game by double clicking the icon in the “dist” folder, everything seems to work fine, but sound doesn’t, but if I it run from the command line it all works good. Seems strange to me, but I don’t know what happens behind the scenes. I’m using windows 7 32 bit, and 2 files are added OpenAL32.dll and lwjgl.dll when initially run

Thanks for any help

It’s really very weird. How are you running the jar by the command line? It’s just “java -jar mygame.jar” ? Or with more java parameters?

exactly that

Then I have no idea. It’s a jvm problem. Have you already tried to update it?

says i have the latest version

Maybe the JVM used to run it is not the same thats used when running in the SDK? Try changing the setting in the “java settings”.

maybe idk :P, it works for my friend clicking the icon

Were they clicking the icon in your dist folder or were they clicking the icon the get if they unzip your distribution?

Does if work if you unzip your distribution and run it there?