DLSR in 3.1 rendering inaccurately and with artefacts?

Yeah forgot about this change, 3.0 is really far away now…
It won’t work by just replacing things with your classes, RenderQueues are populated by the RenderManager, so it goes deep down into the core…

Sure you don’t want to try to fix the issues with the 3.1 renderer. I can help you fix them if you PM me the repo.
Also looking at your last post with pictures, I’m not sure what’s wrong, at least compared to 3.0 renderer.

Well here’s a comparison:


Well they somewhat work now when the light angle is large, it’s just that there are lots of particulary bad “corner cases”. Some examples:


And how it looked like in 3.0, which is quite good imho:

The lod changes weren’t so pronunced either:

As you can see here there were also some problems, but almost unnoticable due to high edge blurring.

I think the main problem with the 3.1 shadows is that the edge filters don’t do anywhere close to the large amount of blurring that they did in 3.0 (using the same settings and PCF8) to which leaves jagged lines and artefacts far more visible.

I’d rather have shadows that look good rather than super accurate ones. Any way to just dial up the blurring by a few magnitudes? Making the edges thicker just makes it more jagged and slightly blurs the jagged lines afterwards…

Alright I’ve reverted back to the 3.1 shader version, will send the PM shortly. Thanks!

That is really weird because that’s didn’t change at all…
Got your PM gonna have a look :wink:

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