Do controillers not respect switch nodes?

hey Guys,

I have a set of animations which are defined as a set of comntrollers  on a node.

All the nodes are under a SwitchNode so I can change animations.

Instead, what I am seeing is ALL the controllers on ALL the nodes being called.

Do controllers not respect switch nodes? and if so, is this a bug or a feature?

And if its a feature is there anyway to stop it?



You're right, all attached nodes in a switchnode get update called on them (updating the controller). The switch node should probably override the update methods only updating the active child. Try that locally and see if that is a valid solution.

Okay, I'll make a "ControllerSwitchNode" and see if that works.

That did the trick.

Any chance ew could see this functionality make it into SwitchNode? At least as an option?

this is the only thing in my SceneGraph that isn't vanilla JME and id lvoe to make this so that I could serialize otu the models  in a form vanilla JME could load and run.

Absolutely, that should have been an option from the start. If you are happy with your implementation, post the diff.