Do I realy need JME physics


I had a simple "physics" system in my old engine, I say "physics" because it was a bit hacked. I didnt want a asteroid like game :slight_smile:

I wonder if I should use jme physics or hack my old stuff into working again?

Anyway for my game i had the following simple requirements:

  1. Time based acceleration / deacceleration with a cap for max speed

  2. Collision resolve on colliding objects

You only need to use a physics system if you are looking for a complete physics response in your game. For something as simple as you mention, you should be able to simply using jME bounding collision and provide your own response (for #2). For #1 you can use a Vector3f field for player velocity and have your key actions manipulate that velocity instead of the position…

Both of those things are how FurBallz is done.

… sorry to hijack, but do You intend to release FurBallz to the public renanse ?

Yes, eventually that is the plan… I’m only concerned a bit about the ship models (new ones, not pictured in the diary)… I paid for them, so I need to be reasonably careful about ensuring people don’t try to reuse those and that they are protected for the original author.