Do not know how the inside of the android project in myeclipse test jme3

In the myeclipse create a android project and configured jme3 need all the jar packages,

Next, do not know how to do

Best wait until the “deploy to android” checkbox is available in jMP and learn jME in the meantime… If you “dont know much about android” you probably wont have much fun.

Hey… I did manage to test run jMonkeyengine on Android last week but this was done with Eclipse which I reckon has wider community support. Although I have to admit that I’m still facing a bug which bothers me, but that’s probably on my end.

What I did was just create a class GameHarness that extends AndroidHarness (AndroidHarness is an android Activity so you can also call startIntent) and copy the code in the constructor except the appclass which you replace it with another class that extends SimpleApplication. Your class that SimpleApplication class should override simpleInitApp() and simpleUpdate(float tpf). If you don’t know what they actually do, you should read the tutorials.

[java] public GameHarness() {

// Set the application class to run

appClass = “com.package.YourActivity”;

// eglConfigType = ConfigType.FASTEST; // Default

// Edit 22.06.2011: added a switch to get the highest (best) egl config

// available on this device

// Its usually RGBA8888

eglConfigType = ConfigType.BEST;

// Exit Dialog title & message

exitDialogTitle = “Exit?”;

exitDialogMessage = “Press Yes”;

// Edit: 25.06.2011: Enable verbose logging

eglConfigVerboseLogging = true;


Hope that helps.