Do you use Ubuntu? If not, then what? [Considering Ubuntu ppa]

Would you use this ppa?

I was just installing the JME sdk on Ubuntu and I realized that a ppa would be helpful. I could probably learn how to make .deb files (which I have been wanting to do for awhile). As such, I’d like to determine if anyone here other than me actually uses Ubuntu (and find out what everyone else uses too). So, please vote below:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 (or 8.1)
  • Windows 10
  • Other Windows (please specify in reply)
  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Ubuntu 16.04 (in beta)
  • Other Ubuntu (please specify in reply)
  • Fedora Linux

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Also, this can probably help anyone else doing JME things who is interested in contributing something that would be platform-dependent. That is why it isn’t a simple Ubuntu yes/no.

Additionally, I know that there is already a Linux installer, but, I certainly prefer a ppa as that is what Ubuntu is designed to work with and it allows for a much more integrated update experience.

NOTE: The “Other Ubuntu” is meant for other versions (ie. 15.04). If you are using a derivitave such as Kubuntu, then please select the corresponding Ubuntu release. For example, Kubuntu 14.04 becomes Ubuntu 14.04. But, Kubuntu 15.10 or Ubuntu 15.10 becomes Other Ubuntu.

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I use Kubuntu 14.04 and i compile myself SDK and engine from the PBR branch. I didn’t have much problems until now.

The purpose of making the ppa isn’t to solve a problem (the SDK is perfectly installable as-is), but rather to make installation as easy as:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:john01dav/jme3-sdk
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install jme3-sdk

I don’t see any reason it wouldn’t work on Kubuntu (so please select Ubuntu 14.04 as that is what your distribution is based on).

I checked Ubuntu since this kind of felt like a Linux grounded question, however day to day and for jME dev I use Win7. I use both for dev depending on which way the wind is blowing.

Well i think having a repo for the sdk would be a great thing if there is someone willing to maintain it (or a way to autopush new builds from travis?).

If I did this, it would just be when a new release is made (ie. Alpha 6) – not for every commit.

mhh… what’s wrong with github?

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For me there is nothing wrong with github, but surely having it auto update with the other installed software is a considerable convenience.

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In addition to what @RiccardoBlb said, I don’t like the installer as I doubt it works properly between updates, and installing it from the zip file can be annoying.

My point is… the sdk build could also create a ppa or whatever and upload it as well on github as a release.

That sounds like a good idea. My only concern with automatic ppas is the lack of integration testing (by a human, since I doubt that an automated test could verify that the window appears if the process runs).

I use Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon for my dev stuff

That corresponds to Ubuntu 14.04.

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There should seriously be a way to select more than one answer for us multi boot people.
I use win7 for gaming and school work. Also for programming. Then I have Ubuntu 15.10 (I think that’s the version not sure though) which is 32 bit (mistake) and I’ll have to reinstall. I’d like to switch to Ubuntu as my main OS over time.
On the go (in school…) I always use my Ubuntu live USB which is also where most of my jME development happens.

I tried to allow for multiple responses, but Discourse is being uncooperative.

Ubuntu 15.04 and Windows 10

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I have created a second poll: Would you use a SDK ppa for Ubuntu?

Tags to some people who (I think) have voted: @aegroto, @thetoucher, @RiccardoBlb, @nehon, @nomnom, @grizeldi, @gbluntzer

I have a Mac, a Windows 10 machine and an Ubuntu laptop. I use all three to test games and create release packages

Which one do do you do most of your programming on? Please vote for whichever it is.

I just voted.

I develop mostly on my Windows machine because is where I have all of my development tools besides the engine. Then I take the code to the Mac and Ubuntu machine and make changes for the platform specific publishing (i.e mac app store, ubuntu software center, etc)