Hey folks,

Just trying to make sure I haven’t missed something major. . .

I’ve found the API docs, and the pdf starters guide (which was a great launch, but some dated API calls (corrected by looking at the source in the CVS). However, I’m wondering what else is out there, if anything. It seems to me that there is another getting started pdf that addresses .7, but I don’t seem to be able to find it? Aside from the wiki guide and the hud tutorial. . are there any other good (JME) resources here or elsewhere?

Thanks again!


Nope, that’s probably it, sadly…

But as you seem to know, you always have these forums where to get quick answers 8)

Other than that, each jmetest class is built to showcase one major feature, so looking at those should help. Yes, we don’t have enough documentation, but it’s better than it was a few months ago. :slight_smile:

Tonight I’m going to upload an updated version of the starter guide as well as the original .doc file that it was created from. This way other people can update the file as well.

WOOT!! Thanks Cep. Also, I have to say, I took a look at the beginnings of Mark’s new user guide. . .YES!! That’s desperately needed. If he pulls through what he’s introduced in the discussion. . .perfect. Now if we could just have the completed thing by tomorrow! (Just kidding Mark, I know where it sits on your priority list. . first hand).

Thank again all!


We need a tech writer on the team. The pay sucks and the benefits are horrible. Anyone?

I’m pretty good at tech writting once I get going. I just need some kind of direction