[Documentary] The Pixar Story

This was a documentary that was on TV a while ago, and 1 week later I started using jME, and I believe it was probably 1 of the motivators for me to go into game development. It’s a very well made documentary that goes into the evolution of 3D animation, and how investors such as Steve Jobs and George Lucas helped pioneer increasing 3D technologies. Also details the beginning of Pixar, and the event of the first fully featured 3D film Toy Story.

Some of you may have seen this documentary before, as its nothing too recent, but thought I would post it, as it just popped into my head, and I would very much recommend it :), if not for the 3D history lesson itself ^^

Here is a trailer:
[video]The Pixar Story Trailer - YouTube

And here is a link to watch the whole thing: