Documentation and tutorials

hello, i have been away for some time and now that i’m back i want to invest some time developing with the alpha-4 release but i was wondering if the documentation and tutorials had been updated yet?


that was fast, its good to hear that, last time i kept hitting walls with the outdated examples and tutorials :slight_smile:

If anything… some of the docs will be much newer than alpha 4 since it’s pretty old by now.

just make sure to update to nightly, and everything should work fine :slight_smile:

will do and thanks for the quick replys

Yeah, I’ve been going through almost all tutorials (100 pages or so?) and checked them last weekend. The APIs should match the version on the SVN trunk now. Although I haven’t gone through 100% yet, it should be drastically better now.

Also the missing images are back again, and the upgraded wiki also feels a lot faster, I like it!

If you or anyone finds anything that still describes an alpha API, reply to this thread and I’ll look into it. (Those cheaky developers keep adding new and improved things, hard to keep up with them.) ;D