Documentation needed

Hi, I’ve been looking all over and cannot find a link to setFloat documentation for material. I’m looking for a list of the parameters. I’ve seen several mentions of one to be shown later but never the list itself. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

What do you mean?

it has two parameters, the materials property that is set, and the float it is set to?

The reason the property key is just a string is that materials define their own properties, you just need to have a look at the material definition (.j3md) to see what properties you can set., float)

no. Like for example: mat.setFloat(“shininess”, float)
Which btw is the only parameter example I have come across. I’m just wanting to play with them and see the results. I’m a hands on type learner, but I need somewhere to start from so I need to know what other parameters can be used.

ah ok, thanks

I get it. That makes sense. How does one go about finding those properties in the material? Almost embarrassed to say I’ve never tried to open a material file. Are they an ascii type file or is there another way to know just what any given material file has on it?

You could have simply opened one in the time it took to make that post, I guess. :smile:

Did you look at the link provided?

Read that and the related articles and see if you still have questions.

been on my phone so not at home. Was just doing some research on the topic in my downtime and was looking forever for something on it. But yeah I get it. It was just bugging me I couldn’t find anything.

I certainly understand a lot better now. Thanks guys.

Create a new j3m file via File->New File and open it in the j3m editor, easiest way.

Thanks, will do that.