Is there any documentation besides the dry documentation in the jme/data/doc directories?  That documentation is fine if I want to know a specific call, but I am new to the jme engine and am wanting to know how to do things.  The jMEtest is great for almost all of it, but I can't find any samples for loading a model.

Are there any model documentation such as, load this, set this, move bones like this?  Or do I have to try to piece everythign together from individual function calls?

I'm new to jme, too.

Some time ago we (me and my friends in crime) had the same problem - not really about how to load a model, but how to export models from Blender and how to import them into jme.

To load a model, you could see the TestFireMilk class and the other test classes under the jmetest.renderer.loader package.

Reading the forum and using google we discovered we could use both MD5Importer by Neakor and Radakan's Ogre loader to load models exported from Blender and animate them (using skeletal animation).

Both loaders provide also test classes that show you how to start.

For model animation, the loaders and jme provide you AnimationController objects. Again, see the related test classes.

Now we are using OgreLoader because it works nice with our "gfx pipeline":

  • Blender to create/animate models,
  • Ogre's Blender Export Script to export them in xml mesh format
  • Radakan's OgreLoader to import them into jme engine

    It supports also multiple UV coordinates - this means (for static models) we can use lightMaps. OgreLoader doesn't support animation blending, yet; md5importer does.

there is no structured and complete documentation.

but there are a lot of information in:

  • the forum here
  • the wiki there
  • in the code everywhere

    the jmetest package is the best place to learn jme, it has examples about almost every feature in jme.