Does anyone else want a procedural texture loading plug-in?

I wanted a procedural texture tool that worked "sort of like werkkzeug" and which let me generate the textures at runtime.

I'm not worried about getting additional help (It's about 10 hours of work for me to finish) I'm wondering if anyone else would use it if I publish the lib changes / write documents.

I know sbook said that JMP has to be under a BSD license .... I don't know if that means my little LGPL library is unsuitable for Java Monkey Engineers.

Thread where editor was previously mentioned:

This is where I learnt to turn BufferImages into Texture2D:

This is the one outstanding bug:

To be frank I don't know what the licensing scheme for NetBeans plugins is. I could always contact whoever necessary to request permission to use the code though. With explicit permission from the author, license doesn't matter.

NB plugins have no special licensing, the NetBeans libraries are CDDL or something, but it doesnot matter. The contribution depot can contain any kind of plugin or license, the license can be displayed on install. Only core jMP plugins should be BSD, contributions no problem.



Terrible word choice - sorry.

It's just a library and editor - not a NetBeans plug-in.