Does anyone have an archive of the jME-2 wiki?

Specifically looking for a collection of the various wiki pages not related to the tutorials or javadoc. I have all the tutorial stuff and there is an online javadoc for jME 2.0, it appears.

So, as examples of the pages I’m looking for, there were ones that discussed things like lighting, animation, textures, “zathra’s tips”, and so on. If anyone has an archived copy of that I’d greatly appreciate it. If you have it on CD/Flash etc I would be happy to pay for the materials/time/effort/shipping via paypal or something.


I won’t judge but i’m very curious,why are you so interested in developing in jme2 at the point of paying to get documentation?

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Finished a fairly large jME2 project two years ago. It is in regular use for university lab experiments and is now a “long-term” device for research in our lab. I want the documentation available for future troubleshooting issues that occur after I am no longer with the lab.

Porting to jME3 would be a gargantuan effort; many parts of the project would have to be completely rewritten to make it work. My philosophy is to not fix what isn’t broken.

As you please,but using an obsolete engine is actually a broken feature. I really suggest you to put as much as effort as you can porting that project as you’ll not get any support/updates.

I understand there are drawbacks to using jME2, and as with any open source software, I don’t expect or assume that free support will be accessible.

However, in the case of jMonkey Engine, saying that there isn’t any support is really a disservice to both the jME developers and community members. My experience here has been very positive. As a couple of specific examples, Kirill Vainer helped me figure out how to use hardware skinning in jME2 years after jME3 was released. Irrisor, the developer of jME Physics 2, assisted me with getting my physics sorted out and was kind enough to e-mail me a number of files which were no longer available on the web. Neither were obligated to do so; they’re both simply helpful and friendly people wiling to share their time and expertise.

Having said that, I realize and appreciate the inconvenience posed by my request; hence why I’ve offered compensation.


See this :

Thanks for the link – unfortunately it just contains the tutorials and javadoc, not the Wiki content I’m looking for.

I have some of it printed as hard copies. I will scan a few pages tomorrow so that it’s more clear what I’m asking for.

If @zathras was the author of some of it then maybe she still has some copy… but I suspect it was edited right in the wiki.

here you go :

this one is a book. You may better to buy it (if it is yet available on online stores)


The last one (the book) seems to be about jme3.

Thanks Ali_RS. The content at the first link is the stuff I want – unfortunately many of the pages aren’t archived by the Way Back Machine or were blocked by robots.txt. I was able to get a couple of the “vital” ones though, so I really appreciate you posting that (e.g., the “no lwjgl in java library” page; beginner stuff like that).

Some of the ones that are missing include the content regarding HottBJ (Blaine’s blender xml converter thing) and the Blender to OgreXML stuff. Hopefully that won’t be necessary though as there were 1000 different ways to get models into jME2 – I can always write up a little tutorial about .3DS files for them or something.

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