Does anyone know/have played Star Ocean 2: Second Story? (PSX)

Basically, it was a game that marked my early gaming stages, childhood, and still entertains me ALOT today. It has a combat system that is just… captivating and fun!

So basically, I was just wondering what everyone thinks regarding to what sort of engine would be best used to achieve a similar game (or to flat out CLONE the game, want to know what you think is more appropriate): a 2D engine or a 3D engine?

And why? I myself don’t have much experience at all so I can’t quite put my finger on it… I’m not intending to give it a shot, but I was curious as to what would be best.

It is possible to make games using both 2D and 3D engines right? Because out-of-combat and world-map, the game’s basically 2D and I can somehow imagine it being done with a 2D engine, but outside it actually uses real 3D, so it’d need 3D for that, right?

Video showing game:


Inside towns and such (when not in world map, but not in combat either), it’s sort of a fixed 2D looking at a scenery with characters moving in it

(2:40 on video shows a town and how “rooms” work)

I’m sure they didn’t 3D model any of the scenery (because we only ever get to see one side of whatever it is we look at: it’s a still image), it’s just a image laid flat and they somehow make it be interacted with

Lol, the scenery is totally 3D… You can see how lowpoly the rocks are in the fight scene (you also get multiple views of it (20-22)) and then also running around outside the town you see different angles of the mountains and “forests” and how lowpoly it is, etc…

But if I were you, I’d do this here in jMonkey. Use sprites as the characters or whatever, follow what wezrule said, etc…

I think you didn’t understand, check 2:40 on video! Nothing changes or can be seen as lowpoly, it’s just a still image, or did I not understand you?

pretty sure its all 3D.

4 quads per room, some nice textures, and some 3d objects in the foreground

never played it before, but i think the 2d stuff is just the worldmap? you can do all of that in jME. Use the rootNode for 3D (pretty much everything) and guiNode (NiftyGUI) for the 2D on screen stuff (basically just the world map and skill menus)

Ahhhh I get what you mean… thanks!