Does Intel GMA integrated-Graphics work well with JME?

Just curious, I am buying a new laptop and wondering if anyone has tried Intel-GMA with JME? I know it supports OpenGL 1.5 now (edit: x4500 supports OpenGL 2), and deciding between something like 256 mb graphics card or just try the integrated (my last 256 mb laptop got pretty hot).

I also don't play too many games anymore, but I do enjoy 3D programming (as a hobby, which may or may not last, who knows lol). I just love Java.

I apologize if this isn't the right forum, but I do appreciate the advice/help. Btw, never really programmed in an IDE too long on something less then 17 inches, are IDEs okay at 15" or 13" etc…?

Thanks again, Matthew.

I know people have used/are using the GMA's with jME… but the chipset does not support GLSL (the x4500 technically should, but I haven't heard anything first-hand to verify this)

Now thinking about the NVidia 9400m which is supposed to be 5x faster… still integrated though.

msj121 said:

Now thinking about the NVidia 9400m which is supposed to be 5x faster... still integrated though.

Whats there to think about?

To be honest I like the price of the integrated graphics card (NVidia) and the fact that it probably won't over heat like my current laptop which I could probably cook on lol.

Nonetheless, I hope to buy a laptop with a dedicated graphics card, might as well not sink too much money into a laptop I can't properly use…

Still curious about the integrated NVidia chip though. I understand Macbook Pro uses it (though it has a dedicated chip just in case you need that extra power (the combination seems to prolong battery life)). Still pretty curious if anyone has any experience…

Btw, thanks for the advice, definitely forgetting Intel for now on graphics cards…

Benchmarks for probably every mobile graphics card:

I think you just need to be careful with what you use when it comes to GLSL. I have once worked on a PC with Geforce FX 5200 and it had terrible GLSL performance, but through some tricks I was able to make it run well. Also note that many shaders used in jME are unoptimized, particularly the post processing like DoF and bloom.

Momoko_Fan said:
You should be able to run jME on anything that supports OpenGL1.2

I confirm it works with OpenGL 1.3 but it was wrong some time ago  }:-@

I have an intel chipsset on both my laptops, but they are older versions, so don't know about the new ones. Anyway my intel chipset doesn't support shaders and some other high level features, but most of the features work. If you're planning to do graphicsprogramming I wouldn't recommend an intel graphicscard, unless they've improved significantly lately (mine is maybe two years old). That's the only thing I regret about my computer :stuck_out_tongue:

Our 3D project runs at 0.3fps at my 1. gen MacBook, and at 70 fps on a desktop Nvida Quadro FX4800.

i dont know why people always ask how GMA chips work with JME  :roll:

The jist of it: GMA chips don't work well! (not even with JME)  :wink:

Well they seem to support shaders, at least dodsource with full details run on my netbook… with <0.5fps  but without grafic bugs

Actually, with the latest drivers, my GMA X3100 is working well with JME (from what could be expected).

It supports OpenGL 2.0 but the tests for the glsl effects in jmetests crash without error output.

I'm able to run some bloom examples though as well as some sketch examples and the fps for normal 3D rendering is very good for an integrated card. It wasn't great with the previous drivers that came with the computer but with the new drivers it's significantly improved.