Does JME have an assets store like Unity?

I’ve been looking for dummy assets for my game and found very little to none. It would be nice to have some forest assets and beach assets so I can start working on my core game. Does JME have anything like an assets store?

We do not have a asset store like in unity but if you are just looking for some models to play around with and test custom stuff you either could use the “jme3-test-data” (or so) where some models are already included or you try to find some on the internet. There are some good websites where you can get nice “dummy” models from.

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But i think somebody was working on an asset store for JME community,wasn’t it? @Momoko_Fan

Yep , there was discussion here

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I read through and love all the ideas. I hope something comes of it. It would be a great advantage for JME. The last comment was made in April though. Not a good sign.

Commits started in Mar 23, 2016, it seem to be young project and it’s been only 4 months without update.
It doesn’t sounds dead to me.

I hope this is ongoing. Having an asset store would be something that would really push JME’s popularity, which would push its development.

Hi, just a note for who coming through this topic: I will continute to develop the asset store in "Idea" about AssetStore for jME - #43 by pspeed

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