Does jME know relative 3D coords?

Hi! I haven't used jME in a while, so I forgot… I'm asking for example if this can be done:

I have a tree that I want to represent in 3D as each node being a sphere and each sphere connected to parent/its children via a line. You can imagine the one root node as being on top and lines pointing from it to its children spheres and from its children spheres to the children of each of those spheres and so on.

Now imagine that I want to insert a new node (sphere) in that tree, at any point, let's assume I insert it on the root node's children (which has 10000 node children on horizontal) and I insert it on position 6780. Does jME know how to calculate the position of all the 3120 remaining nodes that will shift to the right because of this insertion? I imagine I only give an absolute coord of 0,0,0 to the root node, and all its children are relatively spaced between each other so they don't collide, but I never want to specify absolute coords for any children, only relative coords. Can jME do this for me? somehow automatically. I don't want to have to recalculate manually the 3D position for each affected node/and its children. Maybe jME can keep a relative coord between nodes? I don't know if jME can do this, that's why I'm asking. If it can do this, can you give a small example idea, or the methods that it could use… so I'll look them up :slight_smile:

Thank you all for reading this and for your consideration.

Here's some image to give you an idea of how the tree looks like:

Jme is a scenegraph and "Nodes" can have children, so yes. The first jme3 tutorials show exactly that.