Does Jmonkey support more than one monitor(vedio card)?

I have a project which need some technology to draw on several monitor, and the contexts are different for each other. Actually, i am evaluating if i could use Jmonkey to render several vedio card. So, the answer is what? Who can tell me? By the way, I am Chinese,but i thought u can understand my mean more or less,right? thank u.  I like Jmonkey. :wink:

I'm not sure if we can support multiple cards or not…  It would depend first on lwjgl and jogl and how (or if) they can access them I suppose.

Ni shou ying wen hen hao! :slight_smile:

You can use a graphics card with two outputs and use multiple renderpasses to draw to each monitor seperately, either by creating an extended desktop, create a fullscreen application and render to each half of the screen seperately. (Maybe it’s possible to install two graphics cards and create a really wide desktop over 4 monitors?)

Or you can use a graphics card with quadbuffer and render to the GL_BACK_LEFT and GL_BACK_RIGHT buffers seperately:

I’m also trying to use JME with multiple monitors, but I use multiple computers in a cluster system:

I haven’t come as far as to releasing the source code yet, but I intend to.