Does JMonkeyEngine already have any kind of space partitioning?


I assumed that JMonkeyEngine 2 already has some kinds of space partitioning but I read this somewhere:

jME is a good framework that provides all the necessary things that make
it easier to work with opengl (lighthandling, renderstate management,
geometry loading, ...). jME doesn't provide geometry sorting (quad/oct/
bsp ...), that's up to the developer and jME is very well built to allow
easy integration with your own data structures.

Is it true? Does JME 2 provide no space partitioning???

I would like to begin cleaning my source code to add a small cells-and-portals support into JME 2 and I wanted to know which kind of API you expect from me, I wanted to take existing space partitioning in JME as some examples. I have to define a public API to expose only necessary methods and hide internal operations that the users should not manipulate directly.

Therefore, how would you like to use cells-and-portals space subdivision? For the moment, a pre-process is needed. Do you expect from having a special state or special nodes to handle this?