Does this forum give away our emailadresses?


I only used my email to register to this forum. Now, I get spams on it. Why that?


Of course we don’t.

Noone would do that. But for 100% sure, the email I use for this forum is never used somewhere else. I don’t think my provider (1und1) gives it away. Maybe your forum was/is hacked.

First spam arrived 04.02.2015

JMonkey does not give email addresses to any third party. If you receive spam, you can be absolutely 100% sure that it is not as a result of signing up here.

Also, it says you registered 26. of September, 2014. Furthermore, our new forum has had your e-mail since mid-January. There’s no direct correlation here.

If your new forum has had my email since mid-January and I get the first spam on 04.02.2015 there is a direct correlation. But, never mind, it is just a hint to you. I don’t care about spam on this address.

My advice - just ignore it.

pff 100% sure of what? The only 100% sure is that we don’t give away mail addresses.
There are tons of reasons you would have spams on your email address. First one being your mail host can actually give away the mail.
Everybody got spam, just get a good spam blocker.

Then I shut get spam on my other addresse too. But, just ignore it.

It’s just that it seems odd that if JME’s site had hackers then yours was the only address stolen. Isn’t it a bit more likely that your address (the only one we’ve heard of so far, including our own) leaked out in some other way?

How do you know it was the only stolen address?

There has been no stolen address at all…

I guess, it’s really better to ignore this topic lol… I knew I read this name somewhere else before. :smiley:
Or to cite @normen : "Hello Peter :smile: "


Because of however many thousand forum users, you are the only one to have reported it… and people like me who have a LOT more posts on here have somehow not had their address stolen. So you must be very special that the l33t hax0rs wanted your address. :wink:

Doesn’t seem like there’s anything else of value to discuss here.

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