Don’t see difference between diffuse or specular shaders


I switch between diffuse shaders in lighting material using


myMaterial.setBoolean(“m_Minnaert”, false); //enable Lambert diffuse shading

myMaterial.setBoolean(“m_Minnaert”, true); //enable Minnaert diffuse shading

myMaterial.setBoolean(“m_WardIso”, false); //enable Phong specular shading

myMaterial.setBoolean(“m_WardIso”, true); //enable WardISO specular shading


nothing happens. It’s always the same look. Of course, light is available and I see a wonderfully rendered green ball with white specular light. So, the shaders work only no effect in render type.




I see a huge difference. Try using those statements in TestSimpleLighting

Also, make sure you’re using the latest version of jME3

What about performance?

Which should be used for low or high performance/quality?

Yes there is a performance hit. I actually do not recommend these options are used