Don't code alone (looking for somene to do something)

Hi people,

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who feels that it would be nice to create a game, but doesn’t maybe have the proper mates to help or encourage him  .

I’m looking for someone who wants to be in contact in order to try to develop something together. Maybe something simple. The point here is to learn from each other and share the joy and the passion for programming  8).

If you think that you would like to collaborate like this, please keep reading, and please contact me here or by Personal Message.

I will develop a bit about what I look for, about me and about what I can provide:

About me: I have been programming for years, many of which I have been developing in Java. I know some programming languages, and feel confortable on Linux and Windows, and with typical things of operating systems and computers that one is supposed to know. I’m however not more that an apprentice of jME, and know little about graphics programming. I was never good with maths :(. But I defend myself as programmer and designer. If can send code if you are interested. I’m 27, Spanish, living in London. I could put between around 10 and 20 hours a week for a project.

About you: I’m looking for someone enthusiastic about game development. Who hopefully will now more than in one areas and less in others, but who is anyway a fairly competent and experienced programmer.

The objective: The objective is to talk about a simple game idea we all like and develop it. Any other subject is to be discussed. That said, I have a hibernated project about toy airplanes and tank battles: a very simplistic prototype of a battefiled-like game. However the main structure is there and some things are working: physics engine, input, console, networking (client/server, dedicated server). I posted a couple of screenshots some time ago: I’m however open to any other idea.

If, however, you are a 3d or 2d designer and you are interested, that would be great too. If fortunately not only one, but two person were interested, that would be great.

Comments and critics (whether constructive or destructive) are very welcome.

Feel free to ask anything you want.

We can make something cool together :). Wish to hear from you :).

Hi jjmontes,

did you get any responses so far ?

I would like to hear if and how our fellow monkeys

reacted to your call…

I am badly overworked at the moment

but hope to have some free time soon to start

a game similar to the classic battlezone

( Basically a combination of strategy and FPS )

and would like to know too, if there are free hands around…


Hi jjmontes!

I'm actually rather new to Java and JME, but have been programming in C/C++ for many years and are now interested in learning Java and think that game programming is one of the best and most fun way of learning a new language.

If you still is looking for someone to help you out, I would be happy to join your team :wink:

Ah, I seem to have missed this post so far cause it was during my vacation…

I'm currently working on a game and I can surely use some help. Both with the JME part as well as with other parts, so if any of you are interested let me know, just send me a message at ractoc[at]ractoc[dot]com and I'll get in touch asap.

Oh, some more info, the game is a space trading / combat / industrial MORPG but it should have the capabilities to go MMORPG in the furure, if things go well enough.

First stage however is to get it to work as a stand alone game with the server just being used for stuff like controlling the NPC and asteroid placement etc.

i started working on a heretic/hexen/diablo-style rpg/ego-shooter, currently having problems with md2 texture coordinates.

my first goal is to make a working (:)) prototype featuring:

  • skill system like in dark messiah
  • good ai (enemy avoids projectiles)
  • multiplayer support
  • one nice outdoor map
  • rock paper scissors like weapon & defense types (currently magic (fire > wind > lightning > water > fire) and non-magic (melee, long range, traps, poison)
  • world rule based quests. this one hasn't been implemented in any game so far, so i guess it's my idea. a little example:

    your mission is to kill a demon. the demon is about 10 times stronger than you are. if you try to use an invisibility spell, he will dispell it the moment you attack. what you have to do is:
  1. observe the demon and see that it catches a sheep from time to time, carries it to a safe place and eats it.
  2. find a sheep
  3. cast poison immunity to the sheep
  4. poison the sheep (so it doesn't die)
  5. cast invisibitly on yourself
  6. carry the sheep to the demon

    he will eat it and die.

    all the steps are rule based. they are not scripted, which means any actor which eats a poisoned sheep will die (a random wolf).

    i might need help, especially for the multiplayer support.


you are absolutlly right, there is nothing more boring, than working alone. I've been reading this forum for some time, and i found lots of very promising game projects. But very few are getting close to commercial quality games. The reason for that is lack of resources (especially in the content area).

I'd be glad to help out in an interesting project. But i have to admit, that i don't have any expierience in game development. But hey, its just another piece of software, and i am a expierienced software developer (mainly in the area of software design and APIs).

So, now we are here, and we have this great jMonkeyEngine and all of its sister projects. But do we have a working ecosystem? What successfull games are out there currently, using jME? What game projects are currently in the pipeline?

I would like to see a game project, that can be used as a proof of concept. A realworld game so to say, based on the libraries and engines found here. And i would like to see some kind of organizational superstructure like the Eclipse foundation.

The project i would love to start, would be some kind of gaming platform. The linux for games, or the eclipse for the gaming industry  :smiley:

This would be an online gaming project of course (that's the future of gaming, i guess).

Maybe this thread is a good starting point to gather some people and discuss all of their ideas and we can join our forces to create the next big open source project.

Hi !  :slight_smile:

I have the same problem … I began to code a car game … screenshots here:

but without a designer I can’t go further …

… so I’ve got a lot of time to code (20-30hours/week) and I’m ready and

opened to any suggestions !!!


So what can we do? How about a jMonkey-Forge or something like this, where people can offer help and look for help

It's been quite a while since I posted this, and so it's time to let you know how it goes.

Around 9 persons showed interest in cooperating towards creating a game. Of them, eight are already working in their own projects.

So being offered so many opportunities makes taking a decission quite difficult. Since it would be quite easier to join an existing project than getting someone interested in Indoor Battles, I have been in conversations with one of the persons to collaborate in an existing project. However, we don't seem to have the time and the will that it takes to continue the project and start working together. I think this is a well-known problem in the indie development community. We might continue or not, though the thing is quite cold right now.

So I've decided to try to consistenly work on Indoor Battles. I will try to keep working on it and if I eventually find an artist or a coder or any other person interested in it I will try to make it work.

I really must say that many people is working on amazing projects. Maybe some of them too big for a one person team. Some others are really little gems in rough, which I think could really success.

Also I realised that actually some of the people that got in touch with me could really perform well if they cooperated together. Why not create a forum where people could ask for members? If we manage it well, perharps we could even atract artists or designers from other communities. Such a forum could be named "Help wanted…", after the homonimous forum in Maybe we could discuss this in other thread… what do you think?

Last but definitely not least, thank you very much to all the people that wrote.


I offer my modest help to any project

may the force be with you  :wink:

my plan is to finish a prototype that is fun to play and shows as much (gameplay) features as possible. this prototype will lure some people to me, and i will form and lead the team made out of the best of them. eta: 2007-08-05, evening, gmt+1

I#ve made a suggestion for the site: