Don't Look at Me!

Okay, so the subject is stupid, but it's relevant to my problem, I promise. :wink:

When I load my model into the scene it loads like it should before the GameState is set active and the game works smoothly but the first time I move the camera so that model is in view there's a BIG pause (I'm assuming to load the textures).  Is there something I have to do to tell it to preload those textures so it won't do that?

Relevant code is as follows:

       Node model = (Node)BinaryImporter.getInstance().load(bytes);

where 'bytes' is simply a byte[]

Yeah, whenever the code finally makes it into cvs (I don't think it did yet) there's a simple preloadCache method in TextureManager that you can call to do just that.

It seems I always find myself waiting for features you've got developed just not contributed yet.  :stuck_out_tongue:

It would seem at least we're running into the same issues. ;)  Found yourself using the GameControls yet?  Don't worry, you will. :wink:

I get the same thing in my game, I assumed it was textures but now I know :slight_smile:

I always just assume it's not my fault. :wink: