Don't see imported .Blend in Sceneviewer (no errors)


I’m trying to import a .Blend file in the jMP.

In the first step everything seems ok, it finds the used textures and the preview of the model looks like the model i’ve just exported.

When i finish the import my jMP looks like this. I see the textures, but the model is nowhere to be found.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

Turn on the light

Edit: Oh, the j3o file is missing? Hm, maybe try copying the blend file too and then convert it in the project by double-clicking… Or… Maybe you just need to refresh the folder, it might be the file is there but not displayed…

Yeah, probably the folder is just not refreshed, I put a fix in svn that refreshes the folder after a file has been created.

I added the blender file to the project as well when importing. When i doubleclick the .blend file i get the “This file appears to have binary data” error.

I uploaded the blender file (without textures) in case this might help. I can upload the textures as well as needed

Right now i’m using the downloaded version from the web with the latest nightly build updates. Do i need a different setup if i want to have the latest SVN changes?

Thanks again!

As I said the file was probably converted correctly form the beginning, the latter problem is because you have not installed the BlenderSupport plugin which enables support for .blend files within jMP

have a try:

right-click at .blend → convert to j3o. Will j3o appear in the folder?

Yeah, it always does, since this night it even refreshes the jMP folder and shows the file :stuck_out_tongue: Otherwise you would only see it when you unfold the newly created folder. If it existed already it would seem like the file isnt there because it was not displayed in that folder.

Thanks Normen.

The problem was indeed that i did not have the BlenderSupport plugin installed. It wasn’t in the ‘Available Plugins’ list last Tuesday, but it was this morning. I installed the plugin and now it converts perfectly.

So, thanks for the support!