Dose jme need a gui? I do

Dose jme need a gui? I know that it has two partial ones but are they good? I have a gui system that I made for my game for the old version of jme (jme.*) that I would be willing to donate if someone would be willing to bring it up to date. It works with my game with the new core but it rewires some specific functions of my engine. It also calles lwjgl directly to draw quads. The GUI includes windows, textboxes, buttons, sliders, listboxes, FileListboxs and more. If you are interested on brining it up to date for addition to jme please tell me hear.

I believe the general consensus is we are going to focus on Guurk’s GUI. We need to consolidate the two we have so, the last thing we need is to add a third. However, if you see ways you can improve Guurk’s from your system, by all means tell us. The GUI is far from complete.

Witch gui is that?

The one in com.jme.ui

right, Guurk’s is the ui package.

Gregg Patton’s widget stuff is wonderful, but complicated. Now that LWJGL is starting to have the capability to integrate with SWT and Swing, a widget library is not needed as much as a straight forward UI library.

I suggest that we keep the widget class in case someone needs it and is willing to finish it.

The widget package while very nice at one point, does not follow current jME ways of doing things anymore. If someone wants to extend or improve on this package it will always be available via cvs archives or we could make our own. I really don’t see any point to forcing us to work around it any more.

cvs archives are fine.

I’m sorry, really sorry that I haven’t checked in like I really need to. I’ve started work again on the GUI. I know I’m really a dead beat with getting it done like I keep promising, I just have a lot of “Real Life” stuff going on right now :// .

No problem, Guurk. Understand completely about life events :slight_smile: