Double PSSM Shadow Effect?

Is it possible to use two PSSM Shadows at the same time?

For fun I tried, but only the first PSSM Shadow is visible.

It would be cool, if it’s possible!

Yhea I tried it too, but it doesn’t work.

I’ll look into it at some point, but I guess 2 pssmProcessor just can’t work together, I’ll have to make the processor support multiple light sources.

Would definitely be a cool feature.I will look into it myself, maybe I can dig something out (shaders aren’t my strong point, but whatever let’s try!) xD

If you want to look into it, you don’t have to go through the shaders.

I think the issue is that when rendering shadow maps we flush the shadows queue. So any shadow renderer comming after the first one has nothing to render.

Not clearing the queues may work…but i guess it could have bad side effects (like queues growing indefinitely until the application crashes…).

The last PssmRenderer must flush the queues.

maybe just a flag on the renderer setFulshQueues(boolean flush) would do the trick.

And the user would have to disable the flush for all the shadows renderers except the last one…

Just a guess…maybe there will be more issues, but it worse a try