Double sided texturing doesn't work and I didn't find a solution, help?


To render the underside of the palm trees in my game (which you can see a cool screenshot of here: I tried:


I tried all modes possible to be set but there was no diffrence with them.

I read in another thread that Im suppose to:

clone invert clone normals and save both to same mesh

Not really sure how to do that.. is it a script I gota make myself to do that?

Did u create the model in blender or programmatically?

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If you’re using blender, try recalculating the normals outside by seleting all vertices in edit mode and pressing “ctrl+N”. Try “ctrl+shif+N” if “ctrl+n” doesn’t work.

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I did in blender, but the problem is I need both sides renderd.

I cannot choose between rendering the top of the palm leafs or the bottom, but options will look weard…

This issue is very common. Did u already try recalculating the normals outside?

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Done that now, didn’t change it.

Humm… The doublesided texturing only works in blender when taking a screenshot, not when editing the model but that’s normal right?


Will cull all faces, front and back.


will show both front and back faces. And it it doesn’t, then you probably aren’t changing the right material.


I had the same issue 11 months ago

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Indeed pspeed, u were right, I was changing in the wrong method, How foolish of me :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks alot for all help tho :smiley:

You guys are the best!