Doubts about rigid body constraints

Hi guys, I have a doubt about jMonkey physics engine.
It seems that RigidBodyControl does not provide functions such as constraining rotation and translation? Has anyone studied this issue? I want to be able to simulate a rigid body, but restrict the rotation of the rigid body, that is, lock the rotation of a certain axis of x, y, and z.
I remember that bullet provides the function of constraining rigid bodies. It seems that jMonkey does not provide these APIs? :male_detective:

Rigid-body constraints are specified using subclasses of PhysicsJoint:

  • ConeJoint
  • HingeJoint
  • Point2PointJoint
  • SixDofJoint
  • SliderJoint
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Okay thank you. These APIs seem to be the limits between rigid bodies and rigid bodies. My question is, is it possible to directly prohibit a rigid body from rotating around the x and z axis and only rotate around the y axis?

Oh, is it possible to achieve these functions through SixDofJoint?

Sorry I don’t know enough about the physics engine, this is my guess…

Minie implements single-ended joints, which constrain the body with respect to the physics space. That would be the most straightforward solution to your problem.

In jme3-jbullet or jme3-bullet, one could use an ordinary double-ended joint to achieve the same result: attach one of the ends to a static body.


Great, I decided to try Minie. Thank you once again.


In Minie, I’ve started using New6Dof for all my rigid-body constraints. Here is the tutorial:


Ok thanks again

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You’re very welcome!

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