Doubts in jme3

how can i make Canvas with JME3? I know make in JME2, but in JM3 i dont know…

my code in JM2:

private LWJGLCanvas canvas3D = null;


Scene scene = new Scene(banco,this.altura, this.largura);
        DisplaySystem display = DisplaySystem.getDisplaySystem(LWJGLSystemProvider.LWJGL_SYSTEM_IDENTIFIER);
        display.registerCanvasConstructor("AWT", LWJGLAWTCanvasConstructor.class);
        canvas3D = (LWJGLCanvas)display.createCanvas(largura, altura);

class Scene:

public class Cena extends SimpleCanvasImpl

SimpleCanvasImpl is not recognized by jme3.

i wanna know too, how i detected collisions  int the JME3?

Search for "jme3 canvas" reveals this in the forum:

Theres a test class for what you want to do in jme3.

Simple click on the wiki link above leads you to:

Lots of examples on how things work in jme3, which is completely rewritten and thus a bit different than jme2.

thank you for your help!

I got to do!

but one thing I have not found any way…

How to make LevelOfDetail in JME3?

you have to give me some examples?

sarkozy said:

you have to give me some examples?

No I dont have to give you examples. But I can tell you that LOD information is stored in the mesh before using it in the application.

Using jMonkeyPlatform, import an OgreXML model by right-clicking and selecting "Advanced JME Binary convert..", then you are presented options to store auto-generated LOD meshes in your model automatically. In your application, load the model and add a LodControl to it.

I got it!

but I have a doubt regarding the app example:

inside my appClass, I have functions that need to be executed when some form's buttons are clicked …

but the way in this instance, I could not call the functions from appClass …

you know how I could call functions of appClass?