Doubts upon terrain

I would shaping my own terrain from scratch, but even after reading the wiki and looked into the tests, I’ve still have some doubts.

  1. Is gimp-like softwares the faster/smarter way to create HEIGHT and ALPHA maps? Or do you use other software like “PnP TerrainCreator” or similar?
  2. And adding houses, and other fixed objects directly into the map? I mean, If I create a terrain using Blender, and within Blender, I pose onto it some houses or other, how can I have all the scenario imported into jme with the same aspect?


The terrain editor in jmp is still in progress. You can currently modify the terrain’s height in the terrain editor, and with the scene explorer you can import and place objects, such as houses, into the map on the terrain.

Painting tools for the terrain editor are nearing completion; they will let you paint different textures onto the terrain.

I just need some more spare time to wrap up these remaining tasks.

Just a tip in case you have some difficulties making heightmaps:

It’s possible to create your terrain in blender and then make a top down orthogonal render (use a gradient on the terrain mesh corresponding to height). Had to fix someone’s lousy terrain heightmap that way once, it may prove useful for you :wink:

cheers sploreg , give born to a magnificent painting tools ! can’t wait for it ><

danath said:
cheers sploreg , give born to a magnificent painting tools ! can't wait for it ><

I can't wait either :)

Check out this video found on the jme3 documentation page:

Hey sploreg ,

I just tested the painting functionnality , but it appears that if i try to add a texture it appearing on the scene context but i can’t use it , also the engine is freezing when i push the spray button ,

Thank you

When you say freezing, does it ever recover or is it frozen for good? Is there an error message? If it is just laggy, how big did you make the alpha image?

To paint you need to select one of the texture layers in the list of textures you have on your terrain.

only the viewer is freezing not the engine sorry , no error message , if i exit from the viewer it’s not freezing anymore. what do you mean about alpha image ? i’m using the JMP terraineditor.

When you create your terrain in jmp the wizard asks you for the size of the alpha image in the last step. This is handled behind the scenes so you don’t need to touch it. However if it is a large image, it can take a while to paint.

When you say the viewer freezing, is that the scene viewer window (with the 3d scene in it), or the UI?

I also have a slight delay each time I first start painting but apart from that painting works great.

ah, hmm okay, time to profile it

well , now i can add a texture without any freezing , but can’t apply it to the mesh and after that it’s impossible to retake the mesh.