Download page shows a 404 error

For some reason, the download page shows a 404 error. Is there a new link?

Sorry for the inconvenience, we’re working on it.

3.0 Release distribution are currently being uploaded to the new site. It takes some time, but some of them are already available.
afaik only windows 32bit is not yet up to this moment.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:
All the best to you, Guys!

All downloads and updates have been fixed. Apologies for the delay.

Is the whole site down at the moment? I can’t reach neither or

Some parts of the website are still on the old server, and will randomly stop working. We are trying to move everything over as quick as we can. I appreciate it is annoying, but have faith in the fact we’re trying our best…

I too am having the same difficulty. I wonder if there is a mirror site for the latest stable build? Perhaps it’s posted somewhere around the forum? Could anyone point me in the direction to download the engine. Thanks.

Yeah that’s kind of messed up for now, the download page is hosted on the old server that just continues to go down sporadically, but the downloads themselves are hosted on the new server.
Here is a link