Dr. Freak-Demo ... where's the source?

Hi all

i can’t seem to find the .java-file for the Dr. Freak-Demo in the cvs-checkout. I’d really like to have a look at the source because i can’t handle animation of my milkshape-models properly. i know the dr. freak is a md2-file but i hope to get more insight to the jme-controll-system. Documentation and tutorials unfortunately aren’t enough… :frowning:

please also have a look at my post: http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/jmeforum/index.php?topic=5540.0

thanks for any insight.

do you mean the jmetest with Dr. Freaky?


thanks a lot. that was what i was looking for. (with this filename, i wouldn't have found it by myself  :?)

unfortunately, I'm still not able to do what I wish to do: swapping MILKSHAPE-Models in RAM for different animation. Dr. Freaky (funny name, btw) seems to be one model with a whole bunch of animations in one timeline and for each animation a range in the timeline is looped/wrapped. i have one model for each animation.

That's why: imho milkshape is great for creating and texturing low-poly-models, but it sucks (sorry for the expression, but I think it really does) regarding to animation, especially if your used to tools like cinema 4D… so, to ease things, i created a "raw"-model and a copy of it with a specific animation, which i wanna swap in RAM (dettaching and attaching to node) as needed. i guess i have to either change the animation-tool or create a "long-timeline-multi-animation" in Milkshape anyway siggghhhhh.