Drag and drop in GBUI

Have anyone tried to do drag and drop in GBUI? Is such functionality currently supported, or will it need to be added?

afaik GBUI doesn't support drag&drop by default (except dragging windows around). depending on what you need it shouldn't be very hard to implement. take a look at BDraggableWindow :wink:

I apologize for not getting to this… GBUI, AFAIK doesn't support drag n drop… however, a user has written some drag n drop functionality.  I have put it in my trunk locally and am working on some tests to ensure it works as designed.  I'll update this when I get the merges into the trunk and checked in on svn.


I suspect "the user" you are referring to are actually the guy sitting next to me. When we heard that BUI does not support drag and drop, we started implementing it ourselves, and he posted the code back. The world is a small, small place…


awesome :D  Sfera sent me what you guys had done, I didn't have a username for this forum:)  So, then YES the guy next to you… and you know now that GBUI supports DnD :roll:

If you have any cool screenshots of your implementations, I'd love to see them. I'm currently awaiting some terrain solutions for my game, but soon after it's heavy into the GUI work to make the game look awesome.

I was wondering–some cool glowing edges would be nice… not sure how to go about it (haven't thought seriously about it yet) but yeah… It'd be nice to see some cool screenies of what you guys make.

I am afraid I cannot give out any screenshots of the game yet. Unless you sign a NDA, that is…  :slight_smile:

Fine with me :slight_smile: