DragAndDrop: Eventhandling

~already fixed

The problem was that I didnt understood how the DragAndDrops controlls interact with the controller .

Google only gives “nifty dragndrop” examples where people use a controller just for their drag & drops, the simple solution in a project you already created with the “normal nifty building” is to use the events (f.e. “public void onDrop”) in your ScreenController.
(I tried to create a new one next to the already existing ScreenController which failed for me)
->See also “using the @niftyeventsubscriber annotation” in Bible to everything: http://sourceforge.net/projects/nifty-gui/files/nifty-gui/1.3.2/nifty-gui-the-manual-1.3.2.pdf/download

Well, presumably when you bumped into this issue then you fought with it a for a bit… maybe did some forum searching… etc… before finally giving up and deciding to post here.

So if you’d left the question up and provided a follow-up with what you’d found then you’d have helped the next guy running into the same issue… because presumably he/she’d have also done a forum search and maybe found your question with it’s nicely detailed solution.

In other words: don’t feel shamed if you figure out an answer after you’ve asked a question. Just follow up with a response to help the next person.

Thats what I already tried with my Edit, but I expand it :stuck_out_tongue: