Dragging of the container not working in fullScreen

some times dragging of the container not working in fullScreen.
buttons and other elements in that container like checkboxes don’t work too.
some times any button in the jme game not working too.

I just changed the resolution of the game and fullscreen and windowed mode at the startup setting window and these problems happened.

I used lemur 1.14.0 and lemur proto 1.10.0

private Container con = null;
CursorEventControl.addListenersToSpatial(win, new DragHandler());
        MouseEventControl.addListenersToSpatial(win, ConsumingMouseListener.INSTANCE);

I’d but curious what JME is reporting as the cursor position when you are in full screen.

Other than that, folks would need to know the resolution, type of display, version of JME you use, whether you use lwjgl2 or lwjgl3, etc…

It’s possibly not a Lemur problem since Lemur is just projecting JME’s cursor position into the scene.

You could also try JME’s hello picking tutorial to see if it works. Might rule out some things.

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