Dragons are real!?

That is seriously cool! :smiley:

Here be baby dragon!

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WTF, the wings are not the frontal limbs :open_mouth: I’ve never seen anything like this in my life oO

Damn hard to believe. You’d think it was a hoax.

It’s an early april fools I think. Read the size it says they grow to.

From the same site:


After killing half of the population of Europe, the 3 Ninjas hired for the task decided that this pale man from the west was probably dead, even if only from old age.

Yeah, but the story above is available from other sources. Although I’ll admit, the first one’s article, if you could call it that, is more a parody than anything else. Still, those little buggers do exist.



And other places…

I’m not convinced.

The first article is total horse shit and all of the articles seem to use the exact same photos. I didn’t dig enough to find the original source for the photos. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were photoshopped.

Cool looking little guy, either way.

Thank god you remind me about April Fool is coming … I’ve scared the shit outa me last year by one of my friends :evil: Time to pay back!

You are all so unfaithful…I’m pretty sure it’s a real Dragon…

I wouldn’t want to be there when his mommy’s gonna come to get him back…

it’s soo kewt <3