Drawing a wall with an empty space for window

Hi all,

I am new to Jmonkey. Am trying to draw a wall with window or empty space. I am able to draw a cube in the shape of wall with the required rotation or translation. But how can i draw wall with void or empty or simply keeping transparent at the middle of the wall?

:? This is a 3d editor question? Image editor? In any case it should be, constructing a level from the basic test shapes in jme is a very naive approach. Use a 3d editor to create your meshes.

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Use 4 rectangles or whatever they’re called, and node them together or fuse somehow (not sure if the fuse thing exists), but what normen said is an easier approach

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4 boxes, then a geometry batch factory.

But it’s a terrible way to do things. Fire up Blender.

oh the geometry batch is the “fuse” thing I mentioned? neat, did not know