Drawing Custom Mesh

Is there a way to draw a mesh at specified coordinates without creating a new Mesh object?
Currently I do this:
for each x:
for each z:
for each y:
Mesh mesh = MyShape.createShape(startX + (z * (MyShape.getSideLength() + MyShape.getH())), startY + (z * (MyShape.getLength() / 2)), y * MyShape.getThickness());

I would like to do this:
for each x:
for each z:
for each y:
MyShape.draw(startX + (z * (MyShape.getSideLength() + MyShape.getH())), startY + (z * (MyShape.getLength() / 2)), y * MyShape.getThickness());

The difference is that in the first example I might create 10,000 mesh objects, whereas in the second example I only create one and just draw it at different locations.
I do this all the time in my 2D engine, but how can I do it in JME?

Do you try to make a block world by any chance? Anyway, no. A mesh is a defined dataset that is sent to the GPU later, it has to be contiguous memory space, so you have to create it in one step. You can however use indices to specify only parts of the mesh to be rendered. Thats all normal OpenGL workings, you can learn about meshes and shaders and all this stuff using our wiki and :google:

I am not creating a Block world, but it is very similar. A bunch of the same shape everywhere.

You did read about how you create a mesh right? https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/legacy/doku.php/jme3:advanced:custom_meshes
No problem creating the mesh bit by bit and throwing away the old ones though, totally depends on what you want to do.

Yes, I read that and am creating the mesh fine. That is what my createShape() method does. It creates my custom mesh. I have been trying to only create triangles in each mesh that are visible, but I have some bugs to work out. Does JME provide any sort of occlusion culling? (Dont render objects that are behind other objects)

No but if your world is geometric like that you should easily be able to provide that information. Still, generally going for voxels and things like marching cubes sounds like it makes more sense for you than naively trying to combine mesh primitives.