Drawing edges on a box

What’s a short path to drawing edges on a com.jme3.scene.shape.Box? It’s certainly possible to calculate the vertices, and draw lines from corner to corner. Is there a way to do this that’s not brute force, that is, something that’s already built for this, such as a different texture or shape? There’s WireBox, which is a debug shape, which makes it seem like that could go away or in other ways not receive the TLC that a user shape might normally receive, but other than that, seems like what I want.

My approach would be to draw it slightly bigger (and in edge color) and normal, then force the larger one to be drawn behind the actual one.

But their might be far better aproaches

I failed to mentioned that my solid box is translucent. So in my case it’s even easier, since I can draw both the same size, and the edges are still visible. I’m going ahead with the WireBox at this point, even though I’d be more comfortable if it were a first-class shape instead of a debug shape. Worst case, I have to make changes if it goes away, but that’s not a big deal.