Driving simulator OpenDS link with G29

Hey Guys,

I am trying to link this driving simulator with G29 to record data.

However I am suffering about the identify the button and axis ID. I saw other people have a file called “joystickdump.txt” which I believe is to link the device ID with the software. Unfortunately, I dont know how to create it. Here is the example I saw from Github:


Can anyone helps me to solve this problem?

Many thanks.

BTW, one funny thing is if I select < dumpJoystickList>false. the software can recognize the G29 but it does not know which ID data should be record.

So this is an OpenDS question?

Or are you trying to use this in JME?

Hey pspeed,

Thanks for reply. I believe this is an OpenDS question. As you know this software is based on JME.
I am wondering how to create the joystick ID which would be great helpful for me to record the data.

Thank you for taking your time.

If this joystickDump.txt comes from OpenDS then you have to ask them how to get the list and how to configure the devices.

You can however use the jMonkeyEngine’s TestJoysticks which should print you the ids of the button you are currently pressing etc, so it’s a matter of typeing those into openDS (I don’t know how to do this though).

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Many thanks for the advice. I will have a try.