Droid trouble : Assets Not loading :D

Well i got over my Nifty Problem… sorted out really. But now i’ve run into a more perplexing series of problems… like how to deploy for android. Thankfully the guide was pretty detailed and I had my apk installed via the SDK directly onto my phone.

And with a happy heart and tunes on my lips I started it up only to see a black screen that FC’d after 2 mins. I got an error stating that my audio resource (mainmenu.ogg) in main activity could not be loaded.

So now Im thinking why did that happen :frowning:

Im confused and scared and too afraid to leave the fetal position that I have assumed for the moment.

Please oh please send me some mana Elder Monkeys.

That was… a lot of imagery. :slight_smile:

Can you show the error? Android should give you an option to show more info after a Force Close. You should also be able to see the stack trace on the Android logcat in NetBeans.

Yes i did get a stack trace and thats exactly what it told me that it couldnt find a particular sound file(it wasnt able to load the asset coz it wasnt found)…right down to the line number which took me right into my code where i was making an audio node to play the menu music.

will post a screenshot of the error just too tired right now to do any more…Im having issues with placing a player controlled character in FP mode as well and skymap troubles so em tieurd :stuck_out_tongue: monkey needs his rest.